Tournament Rules and Format

Singles Rules

EGO Domino Tournament

1. HOW MANY DOMINOES - Each player will draw 7 dominoes to start each hand. There will be a 50 point penalty for overdrawing or under drawing your hand.

2. WHO STARTS THE GAME – Double 6 or the highest double. If no double is drawn, the highest 6 shall start the game.

3. NEW HAND – Most games takes more than one hand to complete. If you were the first to play your last domino from the previous hand, you will start the new hand with a domino of choice. This is known as "Domino Down."

4. POINTS TO WIN - It will take 250 points to win a game. The administrator reserves the right to reduce the points to win if time becomes an issue. The goal is for this tournament to be completed by 7:00 PM so the winners and can be seen at the Meet & Greet held by Cali Bones.

5. BLOCKED OR LOCKED HAND – A blocked hand or game is when neither player can play but both players still have dominoes. The player with the least number of spots wins the block and is awarded the total spots held by the opponent rounded to the nearest five.

6. AFTER A BLOCK - Big six or the highest double will start the next hand.

7. BOGUS MOVE – If a player draws a domino from the boneyard with a playable domino already in his hand, if discovered and proven, that player is penalized 100 points. A new hand shall be started by the offended player playing a domino of choice to complete the game, if necessary.

8. BOGUS PLAY 2 – If a player plays 5 on a 4, or any equal misplay, if detected by the opponent before the next play or pass (pass is considered a play}, the offender is penalized 100 points. This is also the case when playing on the wrong double as the spinner. If the offender recognizes the misplay, before his opponent exposes a domino, the offender can remove the domino and replace it with a playable domino. If a play or pass is made after a misplay, the misplay becomes a legal play.

9. DRAWING FROM BONEYARD- When drawing from the boneyard, if a playable domino is drawn, it must be turned spots up when contemplating where to place the domino. The playable domino MUST NOT be placed with the non-playable dominoes. There is a 50 point penalty for such placement.

10. DRAWING WINNING DOMINO FROM BONEYARD- You must show the remaining unplayable dominoes in your hand. Always turn up your remaining dominoes after playing the winning domino that is drawn from the boneyard. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of that game.

11. PENALTY POINTS- The offended player has the option to accept the points or have the points subtracted from his opponent.

12. EXPOSED DOMINO- If you like, you can expose all of your dominoes. There is no penalty for exposing your dominoes. There maybe a penalty if you are the cause of your opponent’s dominoes being exposed. Please don't expose anything else.

13. PLAYED DOMINO- A playable domino is considered played when the player has RELEASED the domino from his hand. 


1. We will use to assign each player a number where you will be placed in a bracket of 4 players.

2. You will play each person in that bracket one game. This will happen 3 different times which means you will play 9 games against 9 different players.

3. The 8 best records will advance to a bracket of 8 players. The best record will be assigned #1 on the bracket, and the 8th best record will be assigned #8 on the bracket.

The best records are determined in this order by:

a) wins
b) number of games won in a row starting with game 9.
c) Points scored

4. In the bracket of 8, players will play a single elimination format, best of 3 to 250 points.

5. The administrator reserves the right to reduce the game points if time becomes and issue.

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