About Travis


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I am Travis Newsome of Chicago, Illinois, a professional domino consultant and one of 2 domino players living in the United States of America that have won the World Championship Domino Tournament in Andalusia, Alabama 3 or more times making me a 3 time world domino champion. (The other person is Jerome Wooten of Kansas City, MO).


I was introduced to the game as a child growing up in Chappell Hill, Texas. My love and interest for the game have followed me every since. I have always considered myself a teacher of the game. I originated and taught a non curriculum course ("Domino Theory and Strategy") at the University of Oklahoma prior to receiving a Finance degree at OU.  Kansas City, my former home has more world champions than any other city in the USA. I believe I have played a major role in that accomplishment because all of the champions are a part of the local Show-Me Domino League of Metropolitan Kansas City. This league has been a leader in advancing domino strategy and ideas. One of the educational programs I introduced is called "Dominoes, More Than A Game"  for middle and elementary students.  As a professional domino consultant, my goal is to be the one-stop source for information regarding all aspects of dominoes.


I recently formed The National Domino League, LLC for the purpose of organizing more land based tournaments.  Take a look at the league at www.NationalDomino6.com.