Singles Rules


1. HOW MANY TILES - Each player will draw 7 dominoes to begin the game.


2. WHO STARTS THE GAME – Players will draw “high domino by denomination” to determine who starts the game with the domino of choice, ex. 6-4 is higher than the 5-5 or the 5-2 is higher than the 4-3.


3. NEW HAND- The down rotates until the game is over. If a series is being played, the down rotates throughout the series.


4. POINTS TO WIN - It will take 250 points to win a game.


5. HOW YOU ADVANCE- The top records (exact number to be determined, minimum of 8) will advance to the playoffs and then the best of 3 to advance to the next round.


6. BLOCKED OR LOCKED HAND – The down continues rotating after a blocked hand.


7. BLOCKED HAND POINTS – The player with the lowest points receive his opponents points rounded to the nearest 5. If the points total is equal, no points are awarded.


8. BOGUS PLAY – If a player draws a domino from the boneyard with a playable domino already in his hand, when discovered and proven, that player is penalized 50 points or the total points in his hand, the greater of the two options. The opponent has the option to end the hand or not.


9. BOGUS PLAY 2 – If a player plays 5 on a 4, the opponent has the option BEFORE PLAYING to let the play remain or request the domino to be removed. This is also the case when playing on the wrong double as the spinner. There is no penalty for this type of bogus play.


10. DRAWING FROM BONEYARD- When drawing from the boneyard, if more than one domino is drawn, the domino drawn that will play must be turned face up on the table while contemplating which end to place the domino. The playable domino MUST NOT be placed with the non-playable dominoes. There is a 25 point for such placement.


11. DRAWING WINNING DOMINO FROM BONEYARD-You must show the remaining unplayable dominoes in your hand. Always turn up your remaining dominoes after playing the winning domino that is drawn from the boneyard. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of that game.


12. PENALTY POINTS- the offended player has the option to accept the points or have the points subtracted from his opponent.


13. EXPOSED DOMINO- There is no such thing as an exposed domino in head-up


14. PLAYED DOMINO - a domino is only considered played when the player has RELEASED his hand from the domino attaching it to the string or NEAR the string of already played dominoes. Note: A rules review will take place prior to the beginning of the tournament.


NOTE:  There will be a rules review prior to the beginning of the tournament.