Doubles Rules


1.  Do not leave the tournament room once the tournament begins. If you leave and causes a delay in your match, YOU MAY BE DISQUALIFIED. No breaks are permitted during matches. Check with tournament officials before taking an emergency break.


2.  HOW THE GAME STARTS - players will draw with the player drawing highest domino by denomination (5-2 is higher than the 4-3 or the 6-4 is higher than the 5-5) being given the privilege to start the game with any domino. The down then rotates until the game or series is over.


3.  NO REDRAW OR RESHUFFLE is permitted due to voids in suits or too many doubles


4.  WHEN A GAME IS BLOCKED-the team with the lowest point total wins the hand. The down continues to rotate.


5.  COUNTS OR SCORES must be orally called before the next person plays or passes. (Either partner may call the count.) SCORING will be done in multiples of 5 (200/250 points per game). Partner cannot call a count until the domino has been placed on the proper end of the string and released except if it the final play of the hand, partner SHALL NOT call a count when the final domino is placed on the table if the domino can play in two places.


6.  OVER-DRAWING THE HAND IN DOUBLES is a 25-point penalty if ALL the dominoes are viewed and a reshuffle is required. If drawn but ALL are not viewed, the player with less than 7 will draw from the hand of the player over drawing.


7.  PASSED AND COULD PLAY is a 50-point penalty (or points in hands if greater). The game stops at that point and the DOWN IS GIVEN TO EITHER MEMBER OF THE OFFENDED TEAM.




9.  Spectators (sweators) cannot talk among themselves or to players during a game. Players can not talk to spectators during the game.


10. DOMINOES EXPOSED during the shuffle will be reshuffled.


11.  EXPOSED OR PLAYED DOMINO- if the domino in question can be PROPERLY identified by any player, it is considered exposed or played. Misidentification will result in a 10 point penalty.


12. MISPLAYED DOMINO and/or EXPOSED DOMINO- must be placed on the proper end if discovered before the next play or passes. If it will not play, it must be turned face up on the table. The offending team will not be eligible to SCORE POINTS until after the exposed domino has been played. This domino can not be used to score. No points will be awarded when a player dominoes with such a domino.


13. PLAYING ON THE WRONG DOUBLE FOR SPINNER- if not detected before the next play, it stands and becomes the new spinner. If it will not play, it becomes an exposed domino.


14. PLAY OUT OF TURN- considered an exposed domino and treated as such.


15.  WIN OR LOSE- You must have fun.