P R E S S  R E L E A S E


The National Domino League, LLC has selected Domino, Texas to be the site where major domino tournaments for the


league will be held over the next year and a half beginning next month on August 22-23, 2014.  “It’s pretty obvious why we


chose Domino, Texas,” said Travis Newsome, the founder of the National Domino League, LLC and three time world domino


champion of Chicago, IL.  It is also a plus the state of Texas has many great domino players as well as neighboring states


Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Everyone is pretty excited about competing in domino tournaments in a city called


Domino, Texas.  Many of the top domino players in the U.S. will be competing for big prize money including these confirmed


participants:  5 time world champion Jerome Wooten of Kansas City, Missouri, and the following two time world champions;


Billy Welch of Tallassee, Alabama, Robert Newsome, Sr., of Kansas City, Missouri and Mark Jackson (current world singles


champion) of Fort worth, Texas.  The competition will be fierce.  Entry fees for the tournaments range from $50.00 to the


$500.00 per person EGO domino tournament.


Our tournaments preliminary rounds will actually take place on Friday at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Texarkana, Texas


and culminate on Saturday a few miles south at the Domino, Texas Community Center.


The goals of The National Domino League, LLC is to have a time and place for scheduled organized domino tournaments


throughout the year while trying to take the game to the next level and attract the likes of ESPN. 


“The league will also focus on trying to get the game in after school (elementary) and summer programs because we know


this game offers way more than many of the violent video games the kids are playing these days,” said Travis Newsome.  “We have a


program called, “Dominoes, More Than a Game,” where kids actually learn how to play the game but at the same time learn


such traits as critical thinking, probability analysis, logical and deductive reasoning and facing and handling adversity.  Other


major components of the program include self-esteem, improved social skills and discipline.



For additional details about the National Domino League, LLC, tournaments, or the after school program, “Dominoes, More


Than A Game,” please contact Travis Newsome at 888-611-3365 or visit www.NationalDomino.comwww.TRAVISNEWSOME.com


or www.DominoEdUSA.com.