Travis Newsome, 1989                                                       

Playing doubles in dominoes is like being married.  Your partner is your spouse.

Sometimes you lead.  Sometimes you follow.

Things normally work best when you agree.

If you stray by playing on your partner's play, it causes trouble, it hurts.

When you are following, your position is to be positive, be supportive.

You must watch and anticipate your partner's needs.

Bring the domino to strengthen your partner.

Don't hit your partner in the belly.  It weakens your partner.

When others hit your partner there, create a new leg for your partner.

When your partner makes a good play, give compliments.

When your partner makes a mistake, constructively criticize.

When you make a mistake, apologize and vow to do better and not make the same mistake again.

The goal is to be a good team, to be compatible.

You must cooperate with each other in order to succeed.

Play together.

Work together.




Travis Newsome is a 3 time World Domino Champion becoming the first African American to win the World Championship Domino Tournament in Andalusia, Alabama in July 1988.  He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he earned a degree in Finance and competed in Track and Field.  He has always been extremely competitive leaving Oklahoma holding two school records in his events, the quarter mile and the mile relay.  He originated and taught in a special program a classe called "Domino Theory and Strategy" in the spring of 1971 at Oklahoma.  Travis currently resides in Chicago, (moving there in December of 2013 after living in Kansas City, Missouri for 40 years) with his wife of 39 years (she can not believe he is the author of this poem).  They have two children and one grand child (a girl) living in the Chicago area also.


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