Domino Theory & Strategy

Why Dominoes?

Our non-profit company is, "Way More Than A Game."  You see, to us the game of dominoes is way more than a game.

Here is a brief synopsis of why our program, "Dominoes, More Than A Game, -making good decisions" is so named.

                                     “DOMINOES, MORE THAN A GAME, - making good decisions”
                                                     by Travis Newsome

Critical Thinking -  As each hand of a game progresses from play one, students will be required to think and remember each play made by the opponent as well as each play made by the student.  A decision will have to be made about the best domino to play that creates the best offensive play and the best defensive play.  Students will learn it is necessary to process each and every play made by opponents and commit that process to memory during the entire hand.

Probability Analysis Students will be required to do math asking, how probable is it that a certain domino could be held by the opponent or whether that domino may be in the boneyard.  Example:  since the opponent has already played 3 of a certain suit, how likely is it for them to have a 4th or 5th domino of the same suit.  What is the probability?

Deductive Reasoning or logic Deductive reasoning involves using given true premises to reach a conclusion that is also true.  Example:  My opponents need 10 points to win the game, because he did not play a domino to score the 10 points needed, apparently, my opponent does not have that domino.

Logical Reasoning -Given a precondition, a conclusion, and a rule that the precondition implies the conclusion.  Example:  My opponent played the 5-5 without hesitating, he knows I need 10 points to win the game; therefore, he must have the 5-0. 

Memory Recall Become a part of the critical thinking process. Students will have to remember each play made and some of the conditions in which the play was made.  This process is required on each play of the hand.  When a decision is made on which play to make on play 5, players will have to remember what happened when a similar play was made on previous plays possibly as far back as play 1.

Self-esteem Students will gain confidence and think more of themselves in many ways.  A positive emphasis is stressed and required at all times during each class.

DisciplineThis is a very big part of the class.  It will be explained to the students on day one of the class the class will be fun but their cooperation is required to be a part of this class.  They will understand that listening, thinking, and following instructions are required in this class to be successful.  They will understand the discipline required to not make a play just because it looks good and the future value of that discipline.