Domino Theory and Strategy - Online


Do you know how to play an automatic block?  What are complimentary dominoes?  Are you tired of getting beat by your buddies, tired of them laughing at you? Let me help you bring your domino game up to championship level.


Welcome to "Domino Theory and Strategy."  This is our online advanced domino education class designed to get domino players' game to the next level.  We promise excitement and fun during this process.


Our classes are held online on ZOOM.  You will receive a video recording after each class.  In addition, here are the other necessary details for the class.


*  You need an online domino account.  We CAN create a temporary online account for you.


*  Training can be done on your mobile device or laptop.


*  You should be prepared without interruptions to devote 60-75 minutes for each class.  Subsequent classes will be

    scheduled at the end of each class.


*  No food shall be consumed during class time but water or soft drinks are permissible.


If you have questions, please call me immediately at 816-536-1962.


We look forward to working with you.


Travis Newsome


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